Stay cool this summer with…a wearable AI neck fan?

13 May 2021

Stay cool this summer with...a wearable AI neck fan? — Future Blink

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The YOSH Smart Fan is a 360-degree neck fan that automatically reads the temperature and humidity signals around it.

YOSH Smart Fan has started mass production recently and will reserve time for sampling inspection of our products. We hope to send the perfect and high-quality products to backers who support and trust us. Please stay tuned!

Worried about getting overheated or sweaty after being outside in the summer? Is the air conditioner inside a little too cold? Being sweaty can make you feel irritable, anxious, uncomfortable, and may even be bad for your health. Want to be really cool? It’s time to upgrade your fan!

An ordinary handheld fan can be large and cumbersome, forcing you to give up one hand when shopping or doing any activities. The limited range of air and low airspeed can’t effectively help you completely cool down in the hot summer.

The YOSH Smart Fan fits around your neck and senses the surrounding temperature to provide you with the appropriate amount of coolness.

A smart, wearable neck fan that helps you quickly cool down in the hot summer. It’s lightweight, portable, stylish, and provides instant cooling. It helps make you feel more comfortable and be more efficient. It’s also great as a gift for your friends and family!

The 360° all-around breeze and dual-channel cooling tech help cool the body down quickly from all directions.

By moving air around the entire neck, the YOSH Smart Fan can effectively keep parts of your body that may get sweaty totally refreshed.

  • Temperature comparison

The special temperature sensor system reads the temperature and humidity signals around it with very high accuracy (±2% relative humidity, ±0.2°C). No need to manually adjust the wind speed in different environments or temperatures, it can automatically adjust the airspeed according to the environment you are in.

In smart mode, the YOSH automatically checks the temperature around it and adjusts the airspeed accordingly. No need to manually switch to different fan speeds when you feel hotter or colder, and keep your hands completely free.

You can also control the three-speed setting options of soft wind, medium wind, and strong wind by pressing the power button.

By utilizing the Archimedean spiral, the air duct system has been upgraded to increase the airspeed, reduce the noise, bringing you a personal and powerful cooling experience.

The whale-patterned ventilation grooves on the inner surface help reduce the sticky feeling caused by sweat, and the leafless design prevents any pinching of the skin and catching of hair, improving your comfort and safety.

With its 4000mAh battery capacity, you can keep the fan running all day long. No need to worry about unbearable heat throughout the day.

The soft, skin-friendly TPU material also makes the YOSH smart fan lighter, weighing only 248g, preventing any pressure on the neck. The elastic material allows for easy and unlimited adjustments to fit comfortably on any neck.

The ergonomic C-shape helps prevent slipping during exercise, so you can wear it anytime and anywhere and enjoy any indoor exercises or outdoor activities with no worries.

  • Running
  • Stroll 
  • Walking Dog
  • Yoga
  • Working

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